in the doldrums

Blah! having a bad day - I'm tired - no sorry, make that I'm exhausted and I'm fed up and bored and very unmotivated. I think the biggest thing is the tiredness, it means I can't get a real perspective on how things are going. I have PMT and I so nearly gave in and got a takeaway tonight.

I'm going to have an early night and hope tomorrow is a better day. The only positive is that I have stayed within my points, but I haven't done any excercise today AND my pedometer isn't working properly for example it's over 800 steps to the station from work, but my pedometer only registered 2 steps!!! I need to get a new one pronto.

Thanks for letting me moan, I'll be better tomorrow, I promise x

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Weight kept off in 2009 - 50lbs


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2nd January 2009

2nd January 2009
Two days before I started my diet - the cigarette isn't mine! !

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Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09
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