I've always struggled with the idea of exercise and even as a child did virtually none - one of my earliest memories is being laughed at in junior school as I couldn't get over the exercise equipment (it was a high wooden thing with a padded top - shivers at the memory). Added to that, I have absolutely no co-ordination at all.

Anyway, back in November I got a wii fit and I went on it every day for a couple of weeks, but then I put my back out hula hooping. I hadn't been back on it again until today (I avoided the hula hooping lol). I did 40 mins this morning and then the wii told me to take a rest, so being a good girl who always does as she is told, I did just that. However, this evening I decided to do another 20 mins. I would have done more, but my heel/ankle was feeling sore - the gout is still not gone completely, but I just worked through it. But I have NEVER done a whole hours exercise in one day before and I really enjoyed it. I stuck with the balance exercises and the aerobics. Partly this is because I want to strengthen improve my posture, but also because I find the balance games fun (especially the penguin one). I did 3 jogging sessions and several of the steps game too, I jogged hard enough to work up a sweat (nice - sorry), so I hope that the exercise was effective.

Inspired by the events of today, I have just ordered 3 fitness videos. First I ordered the Claire Richards one because I am very inspired by the changes in her and also I should think the steps music is quite fun to work out to. The second was the new Coleen Nolan disco one - I'm a child of the 70s and so I think I will love the music and I do love to dance, dispite the lack of co-ordination. Finally I orderd the Mikyla Dodds one, again because she looks so good and the amount of weight she has lost is amazing.

So I'll see how it goes - I'll keep you all updated.

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Sara said...

I'm going to end up buying a Wii fit after hearing about everyone's training sessions on it and how fun they are - I feel really boring with my exercise bike, lol!
Congrats for your effort today!

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