Reasons not to lose weight and why these reasons are not good enough

1. It is easier to continue as I am - no thinking about things and no effort to be made
2. With only one exception (about 2 years in my early 20s) I have been overweight since I was 18. I only know myself as a fat person. When I started to lose weight a couple of years ago, whilst I was still very overweight, the changes were enough for people to respond to me differently and I found that difficult - I didn't know how to behave and how to react to people.
3. I don't have much money and I wouldn't have to buy new clothes
4. Time - I am out of the house between 12 and 13 hours each day. If I have to fit in cooking "good" food and exercising then I will have no time at all for relaxing

So why am I dieting?
1. I may not have to think about things or make the effort, but that is also affecting the rest of my life. I've become very apathetic and I often choose not to go out or do anything because I can't be bothered. It's not the wight that is stopping me, but rather an attitude of mind. If I can change that attitude then it will affect other areas of my life too.

2. It will be tough to know how to respond to people, but life is a learning experience. I will probably make mistakes along the way, but so what?

3. I can sell my existing clothes on Ebay. Also, the price of "normal" clothes is far less than having to buy from outsize shops. I can even buy clothes on Ebay too.

4. Time is a problem, but I think the key will be to build in exercise in what I do now. For example, I can walk more at work. I can also use the Wii fit which is fun as well as exercise. I will have to be more organised about sorting out food, but putting on a pot of BNS soup or Lentil soup takes 5 minutes and makes a great meal for lunch at work. It also means I will save money as I won't need to buy food from the canteen or local shop and take aways will be a thing of the past. I can double up on food when I cook so one can go into the freezer.

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