Week 1 of year 2

I've had a really good week, both weight wise and personally. As you will have seen below, my new little grandson was born on Thursday and I was my daughter's birthing partner, which was an amazing experience.

Diet wise, I lost 6.6lbs this week. I'm sooo pleased, especially as for the last couple of days I wasn't able to plan what I ate - on the Thursday because I was at the hospital and there were no eating facilities due to the weather conditions (no staff came in) and on the Friday because my school had an INSET day and the canteen was closed. Normally I would have prepared things in advance, but I didn't get home from the hospital until almost 3am and had to get up at 6am!!

Both my daughters want to start following a healthy eating plan from tomorrow, so things should be easier for me around here.

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I had the most amazing experience last night. I was my youngest daughter Sarah's Birthing partner when she gave birth to her new son Nathaniel. I can't describe how exciting it was and so what if I was a couple of hundred calories over my limit yesterday - the hospital canteen was closed because of the snow so I ended up eating rubbish. But, I have a beautiful new grandson and I'm looking forward to them both coming home tomorrow. As soon as I get a chance to take the photos off my iphone I'll post one on here for you all to see

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New year, new start, new enthusiasm

I'm back on track! On Friday 1st Jan I weighed in at 14st 2.6lbs, which is significantly lighter than I was at the start of 2009. I'm delighted to have lost and have kept off 50lbs last year.

I made a decision to start again at the start of January because I will be able to directly compare this year with last. Seeing what I did this week last year will be hugely inspiring to me and I know I can lose the 54lbs I still have to lose because I have already done that once and more besides during the past year.

I've had 3 really good days and feel back in control of my own destiny. I'm taking it one day at a time, but feel sure I will be a success.

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Weigh Ins

Lost during 2009 - 65lbs

Weight kept off in 2009 - 50lbs


By 27th April -4.5lbs

2nd January 2009

2nd January 2009
Two days before I started my diet - the cigarette isn't mine! !

Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09

Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09
Charlie, Val, Me, Natalie, Tanya, Fi, Emma


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