Feeling in the doldrums

I came home full of the joys of life, but now I'm feeling really down. It's probably because I only slept for about 4 hours last night. I sometimes get insomnia and last night was fairly typical of what it can be like. I have also been having some problems with a few people which has caused me to be really peed off - I used to run a family tree wiki site which had several thousand records on it. However, because lots of the members of the site kept arguing and falling out I closed the site down. I found out yesterday that one of those members had copied all my info, which had taken literally hundreds of hours to collect and put it up on a new site as though it was his own research. I have been trying to sort it out since late last night.

This has all led to me craving something really sweet. I've had a mixed fruit salad but have nothing in the house which is low points and sugary sweet. Luckily, I don't have any high point sugary sweet thing either! I have 1.5 points left, so if I get desperate I can have an apple and a yoghurt.

I'm going to watch the end of Masterchef, have a shower and go to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Sara said...

sorry to hear about the problems with your website. People can be such ungrateful b*ggers.
Hope you feel better tomorrow!

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