WI week 31 & new targets

After a slow July in terms of weight loss, August seems to be going much better. I lost 2.5lbs last week and another 1.5lbs at today's weigh in. I'm only 1/2lb away from having lost 60lbs and 1.5lbs from having lost 25% of my starting weight and so I've spent this morning reviewing what I'm doing and where I am going.

Food wise, I am eating much more healthily, but there is still room for improvement. I want to reduce the proportion of carbs I have in my diet, especially in relation to protein. So I'm aiming for a 40: 40: 30: split between carbs, protein and healthy fats. I hope that will help me to be less bloated and stop craving sweet things. I have pretty much cut out processed carbs but hope that by focusing on the amount of carbs I'm eating I will get rid of them completely. I want to increase the amount of protein because I am starting to do more weigh training and protein is good for that.

Fitness wise, I am starting to really enjoy exercising each day - I think I could still be doing more, especially as I am on holiday, but I am earning about 600 calories a day (after background calories have been removed) and eating at least half of them, so even if I don't do more then I know that I am fitter than I was before and that I am doing enough to enable me to eat a reasonable amount of food a day without getting hungry.

Target wise, I set my original target at 10st 5lbs, which was a total loss of 99lbs. I picked this because it was the heaviest I could weigh and still have a BMI which said normal rather than overweight. However, I am beginning to think that I would like to reduce that down even further to about 125lbs or 8st 12. This would mean that my BMI was at a really healthy point and I should be a size 10 or thereabouts. For now, I'm sticking to the original target as an interim one and I will assess how I feel and look when I get there.

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Sara said...

You're doing so well! Great going :)
Especially for getting some exercise in every day - that's still the hardest part for me...

Jackie said...

Thanks Sara, the exercise is still the hardest thing for me too - I love it when I do it, but the actual getting down to it is difficult; unless I do it immediately after I get up in the morning, I find I put it off until I really can't put it off any later :)But I'm realllllly trying to do it everyday

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