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When I first set up this site, I really did feel as though I was a desperate dieter; I had shockingly high blood pressure, high cholestral and had just found out that I had lost some of my sight in one of my eyes due to the blood pressure. I was also borderline diabetic. I knew I had to lose weight and in someways it didn't matter to me how I did it.

Now however, I realise that over the months my focus has changed, now it is not primarily about losing weight, although I am still losing weight and have a target in mind, but instead it's about being healthy and happy with myself.

Over the last few months I have discovered a real love for walking and so exercise has, for the first time ever, become part of my life. I may not do it every day, but I do it more days a week that I don't. I've even signed up to walk a half-marathon to raise money for a local hospice; something I would never have considered when walking the 10 minutes from work to the station was so difficult I couldn't walk and talk at the same time. I have also started walking for about an hour an evening most nights with my ex sister in law. She only lives a couple of doors away and we have always got on, but sometimes months used to pass without us seeing each other. She lost 4 stones about 18 months ago, but hadn't exercised. So it's great for both of us. We are even going out socially too, which is brilliant.

The other thing which has changed is the way I look at food. When I last lost weight (about 3 years ago) I ate lots of complete rubbish, but managed to lose weight because I kept within calories. This time, gradually, but definitely, I have started to be more concerned about the types of food I eat and aiming for good nutrition as well as staying in calories. I think this has really helped because now eating properly is the focus rather than losing as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time. My weight loss has slowed to about 5 pounds a month (some months a little more, some a little less), but I am no longer stressing about why I'm not losing 2lbs a week, instead I can see that my skin is clearer, I'm less bloated and I feel better in myself and I know exactly what I'm eating - I feel in control!

I don't think losing weight on its own will make me happy, but the changes in lifestyle I'm making are and so it is all connected. I see this as a journey without an end - I'm not on a diet anymore, instead I'm eating well and exercising for pleasure. I am enjoying the journey and long may it continue

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Sara said...

What a great mindset! I really enjoyed reading such a positive post :)

joianni said...

I agree with all of what you have said. It's a new life, a new mindset and a new you.

I actually enjoy being healthy. I love the buzz I get from exercise and love the way I can see my body changing for the better.

Well done, and keep doing exactly what you are doing! x

Jackie said...

Thanks you two - I really appreciate the comments.

Jackie x

Twinkle Eyes said...

What a great attitude. I totally agree with what you said. You've just made me think, I too have changed what I eat. I'm making better food choices and I'm walking loads, and actually enjoying it.
Well done you, keep up the good work, you're doing fantastic.

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