Friday 7th August - Daily diet photos

Breakfast was 50g of porridge oats made with 100ml of skimmed milk, topped with pears stewed with cinnamon - ummh yummy

Snack 1 was an apple sliced into pieces and with 10g of cashewnut butter spread onto the slices (forgot to take a picture doh!)

Lunch was 2 seed crackers with pineapple cottage cheese and 1 piece of light rye bread with 50g of sardines in water, followed by a Banana Bread Nakd bar

Snack 2 was 6 brazil nuts (again no photo - must remember to take pictures of EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth!)

Dinner was thinly sliced carrot, courgette and leek with garlic lightly cooked with 2 tsp of olive oil and topped with a salmon fillet with 7 thai spices. Follwed by 100g of greek-style low fat yoghurt topped with stewed apricots and cinnamon (I love cinnamon!!)

Snack 3 was another naked bar

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Weigh Ins

Lost during 2009 - 65lbs

Weight kept off in 2009 - 50lbs


By 27th April -4.5lbs

2nd January 2009

2nd January 2009
Two days before I started my diet - the cigarette isn't mine! !

Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09

Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09
Charlie, Val, Me, Natalie, Tanya, Fi, Emma


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