July was a bit of a wash out

It's been ages since I updated my blog, I missed blogging throughout the whole of july, and that's sort of symptomatic of what July was like for me dieting wise.

I've had a real struggle to keep on track. I lost and put on the same 2lbs about 3 times! I was never widely off course, but was rarely fully on it either. I think the problem was that I have started to feel okay about my current weight. I've had lots of compliments, I can shop in "normal" stores and I know I'm much fitter, so the impetus to stick firmly to the plan was missing.

However, August is going to be so much better - I'm fired up again, because if I feel like this now, how much better will I feel when I have lost the remaining 42lbs? (ONLY 41lbs!!! That's less than 3 stones to go, which I know I can do). Also, I've signed up to walk a half-marathon on Sept 5th and so I have a really important short term goal to aim for. I've done 2 12 mile walks in the past 10 days and I'm aimming to do 2 5 mile walks and one 10 mile walk a week for the next fortnoght and then up it to 2 8 mile walks and one 13 mile for the following 3 weeks.

If anyone feels like sponsoring me you can do it here I'm doing the walk in aid of our local hospice where my Uncle and Aunt received treatment before they died.

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Weight kept off in 2009 - 50lbs


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2nd January 2009
Two days before I started my diet - the cigarette isn't mine! !

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Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09
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