My little diet breaker - my new grandaughter

Here is a picture of Taylor-Ann, my son Chris (her daddy) and me. Taylor was born at 17.54 yesterday and weighed in at a hefty 9lbs 3lbs. She is absolutely gorgeous and I am sooooo excited and proud.

The problem is that last night I went out to celebrate and had a Chinese. Today we left the hospital late and ended up eating out again and then on Saturday I am going out to Pizza Hut, Sunday I am having a BBQ for my 48th birthday party and then on Monday, which is my actual birthday, my family and I are going out for yet another meal :(

Think I'm going to enjoy the next few days, whilst trying to limit the damage as far as possible and then restart the diet agin on Tuesday. In the broad scheme of things, a few pounds gained this weekend will soon come off again and I will have lots of nice memories to look back on.

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Twinkle Eyes said...

Congratulations on becoming a nannie. Enjoy the next few days and have a fantastic birthday. Karon xx

Enigmanda said...

Oh WOW!!


Enjoy the next few days, your birthday, Little one's birthday, they won't come around again, and like you say, you'd like good memories.

I'll be checking for a motivation post on Tuesday to make sure you are re-focused!! *laugh*

Joy said...

Aww Congrats to you on becoming Nana to such a gorgeous little creature!

The arrival of my eldest sat my mum, and my MILs diets off track 4 years ago.. though they both have beautiful memories of the time. Such special days.

Just don't take as long as they did to get back on track, lol!

My congrats and best wishes to the new family xx

joianni said...

Congratulations, that's lovely news :o)

Have a fab weekend and enjoy your treats!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, congratulations. You are so young to be a gran!!

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