A weekend of ups and downs

Saturday started so full of promise. My sixth weigh-in and I lost 2.5lbs, bringing me up to 21lbs and taking me down into the 15s. I was so chuffed.

The morning was great and then late afternoon disaster struck. I don't drive and I wanted to go and buy some shelving from Argos and a friend of my eldest daughter said he would take me. So far so good, but then on the way home he made a detour to the KFC. Now this is my favourite takeaway and because the nearest shop to me is about 5 miles away, I don't ever have a chance to get it. So 3 chicken portions, 3 hotwings, half a portion of chips and some coleslaw later, I found myself 7 points over for the day. Drats, drats and yet more drats.

Now the thing is, I found I didn't even enjoy it that much (well, except for the hot wings, which I loved) and then the fat in them meant Ihad a really upset tum all night. So I paid dearly for that moment of poor decision making and I don't intend to do it again lol!

Today was the day I had to try and make up for it. I went for a 4 mile walk and during it two wonderful, amazing things happened. The first was that I walked up the side of a really steep hill - just before Christmas, I went to Guildford, which is a town near to where I live. Guildford is really hilly and I struggled to get to the top of the high street - I was really suffering and had palpitations and sweats. So walking this hill was such a triumph. The second was that my family wanted to go to the top of a tower in this park. There are 99 steps and my first reaction was that I would never do it. But I did! And I didn't stop and I whilst I was slightly puffed, I could still hold a conversation when I got to the top. For all those people who doubt that the Wii Fit is proper exercise, I would have to disagree. Since I have been doing the free jogging and free steps my stamina has improved out of all recognition. Whoo hoo.

I'm going into week 7 with confidence and the hope that I can lose 3lbs this week so when, on Saturday, I meet so friends I haven't seen for a few months, I will be under 220.

This is the top of the hill I climbed up - it's difficult to see just how steep it is from this.

This is the view from the tower - see how high up it is!

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