Weigh in number 9 - Life is good

Week 9 weigh in - I can't believe I have been doing this for so long and still doing it properly.

I'd lost 3lbs this week so that is exactly 2 stones in that time. I've also lost over 5 inches from each of my bust, waist and hips and 2.5 inches from each thigh.

71 lbs left to go and, for the first time ever, it feels perfectly possible that I will get to goal and be able to keep it off. Life is good.

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Steph said...

Well done you are doing so well! What are you eating? xx

Bryher Hill said...

You have done fantastically so far and I LOVE YOUR BLOG HEADER!!!!

Well done hun.

Jackie said...

Thanks Steph - I'm just eating my points. I've cut out most bread, just because I love it smothered in butter and so it's easier not to eat it and I have also stopped drinking cola of any description, again because I'd rather have nothing than drink diet stuff. I think the biggest thing is I've taken up walking - not that I'm doing loads compared to lots of people, but I used to be totally sedentary, so I guess that helps.

Thanks Bryher, the header is lovely isn't it - it makes me feel very cheerful. I found it on one of those free blogger template sites.

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