Sunday walk and dinner out

Started the day off with 30 mins on the wii fitness coach - I've had it for a few weeks and only used it once, so I must start using it more consistently - my problem is lack of coordination - there are one or two moves I just can't get a hang of. I then did 20 mins of free jogging on the wii fit.

I'd promised myself that I would go for a long walk today and was going to go to my usual place - which is Painshill Park, but I didn't fancy going on my own. So I bribed my daughter, Natalie. I said if she would go on a 5 mile walk with me I would take her out for lunch.

We walked to Black Pond - this is a 300 year old man-made pond in a woods half-way between Cobham, where I live, and Esher. I haven't been to Black Pond for years, but it's a place that holds lots of memories for me - My dad used to take me there when I was a little girl with our dog. The woods are really boggy and smelly and our dog used to shake herself all over us in the car and we would always get covered in the nasty smelling mud.

When I was older and a teenager, my friends and I would go there to swim. Looking back, it wasn't really a safe place to swim - there are loads of weeds and the further out you go from the shore the colder the water is and the thicker the weeds are. It was also a good place to meet boys, who would always try to impress us girls by diving off the small jetty that was there then - I was quite sad to see that only a small part of the jetty now remains, but I guess it will stop the dangerous diving antics.

On the way back from Black Pond we stopped off at the Fairmile arms, which is a big pub that serves food all day, and had food. I had an 8oz steak with a jacket potato and salad (with no dressing - I sent my meal back when it arrived because it was covered in dressing even though I had said I didn't want any). I briefly considered frozen low-fat yoghurt and berries for puddin, but then decided I didn't really anything and for the first time in living memory, I ignored apple crumble and custard (didn't even think about having it!!!!)

Apart from the memories trip, I didn't really enjoy the walk today - most of it was by the side of a busy main road and I got quite bored of walking - when the walk is somewhere pretty or interesting I find that I don't notice the time or the effort needed to carry on walking. Still, it was somewhere new and next week I will appreciate Painshill much more

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