I've been here before :(

Almost two years ago I lost 37lbs and I got down to 213lbs - exactly what I am now. There was no reason that I stopped dieting - I was doing well, I was receiving lots of compliments and I felt good. I just stopped doing it, bit by bit.

So what has that got to do with now? Well as I said before I am at the same weight as then and for the last week I have been eating things I don't really want / need to eat and doing it consciously. I don't understand - I have been doing so well and I do want to lose all the weight. So WHY am I doing it? What have I got to gain by staying as I am?

Time to go away and think about things

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Shaz said...

Hi Jackie

I do the same thing and I think for me I hide behind my weight and over the years it has become a weird security blanket.

As soon as I start to look good I try to ruin it for myself so I go back to basics and think about why I want to do this which makes you stop and think and hopefully get back on track.

You have identified a 'trigger' now decide which way you want it to affect your weight loss journey.

Hope this helps.

Jackie said...

Thanks Shaz - us human beings really are odd aren't we lol

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