Princess Alice Midnight 1/2 Marathon Walk

My daughter Natalie, me and Charlie, my soon to be daughter-in-law

At midnight 5th Sept, my daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and I joined 3 of my daughter's friends on this walk.

It was a brilliant night. We soon broke up into two groups as myself, my daughter Natalie and my sister-in-law, Val walked much faster than the others.

I felt such a sense of achievement, when you consider that in February I walked 2 miles on 2 consecutive days and then couldn't go to work the following day as my ankle and foot was so swollen, it's amazing how much fitter I am now.

I was really proud of my girls - especially Val, as she had not walked more than 5 miles before. Val is the person who inspired me to lose weight this year as she lost 4 stone last year.

If any of you live near enough and would like to join us next year just let me know (and in fact, if you don't live near, but want to stay over at mine, you are very welcome to and we would love to have you)

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Lost during 2009 - 65lbs

Weight kept off in 2009 - 50lbs


By 27th April -4.5lbs

2nd January 2009

2nd January 2009
Two days before I started my diet - the cigarette isn't mine! !

Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09

Princess Alice 1/2 Marathon Walk - 5th Sept 09
Charlie, Val, Me, Natalie, Tanya, Fi, Emma


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