Drawing a line and starting agaain

You may have noticed that it's been a long time since I blogged about how things were going - the reason for this is because they have been going dreadfully!

I was really shaken to the core by my shopping experience and I've been wobbly ever since. I really thought I had this losing weight malarky sorted (silly, I know) and was confident that the new way of eating and exercising was now a way of life. However the past 3 weeks have shown me that I was wrong. I've put on a few pounds, but more than that, I've lost momentum. I keep saying to myself, "start again" and then choose to stuff myself stupid on rubbish instead. I've been eating sweets as though there is no tomorrow and I've even begun to drink full-sugar coke again!

Tomorrow though, I'm starting again properly. Tonight I am going to cook some food for my lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, as lunch is one of my downfalls and then I am going to speak to my daughter who, because she is not currently working, is the main cook in our house and make sure that she either cooks my food without all the extra fat and sauces she is so fond of, or that she lets me know that what she is cooking is not suitable for me so I can plan what to cook instead.

I've got into the habit of popping into the newsagents at Clapham Junction Station and buying a bottle of water and a bag of skittles every evening on the way home and so I will now make sure that I fill my water bottle up before I leave school and I'm not going to take money to work so that I can't buy rubbish on the way home. If I don't have money on me I will also have to walk home from the station which will mean that I get some exercise and save £25 a week whoo hoo.

Wish me luck - I really need it. I'm not sure that I can do it again, but I am so going to try.

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Tina xx said...

Good luck with starting again. Its hard, but if you want it bad enough, then you can do it x

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