Trying to find a dieting site that suits me

As I said a couple of weeks ago, I am a little bored with WW online. I like counting points, but now that I am on 20 I find I am getting bored with the food choices that I make - it's not even that I'm hungry, I just miss the flexibility that the extra 4 points I started with gave me. So I have been looking around for something else that might suit me better

I signed up at the Biggest Loser UK site but have not found it to be particularly supportive or useful. The best thing about it is that you get to pair up with a buddy, but other than that for the nearly £10 a month, there is little information, advice or help available.

Yesterday however, I came across Sparkpeople This is a free site, but has a huge amount of resources available. I particularly like the ability to be able to track different nutrients and vitamins that you are eating as I have very high blood pressure and so I can keep a real eye on my sodium intake. I love the instructional exercise videos and all of the articles. I think that I will need to browse the different groups that are available until I find one that really suits me, but already people have been very welcoming. The downside is that the site may not have all the foods that I eat in its database. However, it is really quick and easy to add foods to the database and with a large number of Brits on the site already I found quite a lot of foods from British supermarkets etc. So all in all, this site looks really promising.

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joianni said...

Have you seen the new WW cookbook called Just For Me?

None of the others had appealed to me but this was is great. It's cooking for one, but I just double everything and do it for me and my fella. We had lovely scrummy food last night and it felt like we were having a treat, but it was all WW and delicious. Have a look and maybe it will insipre you with food a bit. :o)

Jackie said...

Thanks Joianni - I love the ww cookbooks and make lots of things out of them, so I will definitely take a look at that one. I seem to be doing a sort of points and calorie hybrid type of thing at the moment and my sneaky peak today shows a 4lb loss since Saturday, so it seems to be working!

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